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Javier Perez

You may have seen a little preview feature on this artist on our Facebook yesterday!

What to do when you hit a dry spell

When you seem to be overflowing with work and demanding clients you’re not always prepared for when you finish that work and the clients no longer need you. 

It is important to work on your own personal projects, to encourage growth and development within your practice. There are lots of opportunities to gain commissions through these projects with the help of organisations such as The Arts Council England.

This is also a great way to attract new clients who are able to see different ways of interpreting their own ideas through your style of working.

However if you prefer to have a constant stream of commissioned work you can attempt to avoid this dry spell by actively seeking out work while your working on commissions for existing clients. 


We love the seamless grafting of texture and form in this biodegradable cutlery by Qiyun Deng


We just love this coloring book our good friends at Ruffian created with Prismacolor in honor of the cult fashion duo’s latest collection. And you won’t want to miss what happens when they team up again on November 12 for the Creative Time Fall Ball at Output. $75 includes 4-hour ABSOLUT bar and directly supports artists’ trailblazing dream projects — get your tickets today! 


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Amélie Beaudroit

4,135 667 516 91.10-15


Oil on canvas, 50 x 73 cm